Habib Feghali
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Educational Certificates
I like playing basketball, golf and swimming. I love playing with my
kids and I enjoy having a good conversation with my friends,
especially my best friend: My wife Nathalie.
Engineering Resume
I'm a Control Systems Engineer. I'm married to Nathalie. I have 3
sons: Tony, Mario and Andrew.  I have three older brothers, two
older sisters and one younger sister.
My friends are great:
* John B is like another brother.
* Norman and Milia are the best! (The whole Saadeh family).
* Elias is my "Nadeem"! (Drinking Buddy)
* Bernie who can always make me laugh, no matter how bad
things get!
* Brent B. & Tracy E. are my BEF partners, they're the B and the E in
My Youtube Channel
My Career: